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Wedding Limo Service

On one of the most important and memorable days in your life, you should not have to stress or worry about anything, especially not about any of the details of your own wedding, not about the cake or the dress, nor about the flowers or the wedding transportation. That's why you leave your wedding transportation up to Daytona Limo, who's providing the best wedding limo service in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas for over 35 years.


Daytona Limo realizes that every couple is different, and so is their wedding, and we offer a wide range of different Wedding Transportation Packages, from the simple and elegant to the large and extravagant, and of course everything in between.


With three and a half decades of experience in the Wedding Limo Service industry, our drivers are specially trained and equipped to provide the most outstanding limo service at your wedding, and we have serviced parties of all sizes. On top of a wide range of wedding limousines and wedding cars, we also offer a number of additional services and packages to enhance your wedding limo experience, all of which are entirely customizable so that you can get exactly the wedding limousine service that you want and deserve. 


No wedding is too big or too small for us. We have experience in small weddings where you might only need a pick-up and a drop-off as well as vast experience in large weddings where we offer limousine service for groups in the thousands. So trust Daytona Limo logistics team to plan your wedding transportation without any worries.

Getaway Car


An absolute favourite for a lot of couples! It means the perfect finale to a fantastic day, you're both most likely exhausted, in love and perhaps even a little bit tipsy. The last thing you need at this time is having to worry about arriving home, or to the hotel. You for sure don't want to ask your friends for a ride to the hotel, or wait for an Uber to go around town, it might not be the desired end of the night you thought about for this precious night. Fortunately for you, we offer the famous Getaway car starting at $125, and which in many cases is FREE when you book one of our wedding packages.

Guest Transportation


Your wedding should be a carefree day without stress, perhaps some wedding jitters, but no worries about how your meme or pepaw is getting to the wedding ceremony or reception, or whether people will arrive to the reception on time, or will have blisters from walking and be unable to dance. Especially here in Florida, where temperatures and humidity often both run in the high nineties, and distances can be long, you don’t want to count on your wedding guests arriving feeling like they just stepped out of the sauna, or maybe getting lost on the way. That’s why you let Daytona Limo handle your wedding guest transportation. We have a large fleet of all air-conditioned vehicles that can comfortably transport large and small groups of wedding guests to make sure they remember your wedding for all the right reasons. Depending on the size of your wedding and your budget, we will tailor the perfect solution for your wedding guest transportation that fits you and your wedding. We offer solutions ranging from just one or two vehicles shuttling back and forth to a large number of vehicles transporting all your wedding guests at once.

What's Included:

  • Fully Stocked Limousine Bar

  • Unlimited Stops, Pick-ups & Drop-offs

  • Driver's Gratuity

  • Time For Photographs

  • Professional Chauffeur With Professional Attire

  • Complimentary Logistics Evaluation

  • 0% Interest Payment Plan

  • Dedicated Transportation Specialist

  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Complimentary Champagne

Enhance Your Limo:

  • Red Carpet Service

  • Limousine Flower Decoration

  • Assortment of Chocolates

  • "Just Married" Signs

  • Champagne

  • Video Montage Of Your Time In The Limo

The Daytona Limo Wedding Experience

Dedicated Specialist


We understand the importance of good communication with your wedding limousine service, and when you book one of our wedding packages, you'll be assigned a personal transportation specialist that handles all your request 24-7.

Logistics Evaluation


We have worked with hundreds of wedding planners for over three decades and can offer you a complimentary wedding logistics evaluation from the limousine service point of view, as well as providing recommendations to your established plan.

0% Interest Payment Plan


Daytona Limo understands that budgeting can be difficult for a wedding. You don't want all wedding spendings to go out at once, to make your planning easier, we offer a payment plan that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and timeframe.

24-7 Customer Service


Planning your wedding limousine service requires fluid communication with your limo service provider. Plans could change and for that reason, we provide 24/7 customer service, along with your dedicated transportation specialist that can answer any questions at any time.

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